Ecaldima Request Management

Efficient Request Management

Digitize and manage all the processes and requests of your company quickly and accurately. Improves productivity in all areas.

Ecaldima Software Portal

Detected Problems

When changes arise in business processes, a lot of time is wasted trying to adapt these changes to the systems used by the company, generating productivity losses and lack of communication between the responsible areas. Request management systems, for the most part, are not easily adapted to new requirements, and companies are forced to make significant investments to be able to integrate them and continue with their operations. Without a correct chain of communication and distribution of tasks in each process, many times employees end up receiving jobs that do not correspond to them, causing them to perform them poorly or simply ignoring them. Losses in profitability and a decrease in job satisfaction are generated when employees are forced to redo tasks that have already been completed due to lack of proper management of the requests. The lack of a control and monitoring system for each request makes it difficult to identify people responsible for each action in the process and to improve them by not identifying the exact place where delays or inconveniences are occurring.

Ecaldima focuses on improving

  • The productivity

    Generating faster implementations and optimal follow-up, employees carry out their tasks without problems.

  • Cost effectiveness

    By not having to make investments every time changes or new processes arise, and by allowing employees to perform the specific tasks of their position without incurring overtime pay.

  • Traceability

    Performing constant identification and monitoring in each phase of the request and easily identifying responsible.

  • Adaptability

    It integrates easily with the other systems of the company and is easy to use for an employee.


The Ecaldima Request Management Solution

  • Easy deployment to any area and business necessity.

  • A single request that can be consulted by all those responsible.

  • All the necessary fields can be created for each requirement.

  • Adaptable for any browser.

  • Links 4 objects (category, service, article and field) and 4 components (validation, task, notification and external task)

  • Allows you to perform multiple assigned tasks in parallel or in series.

Ecaldima Request Management

Friendly platform

Ecaldima Request Management is very easy to use for any employee in any area of the company. You do not need to have more computer knowledge to be able to use it in daily tasks and optimize these tasks. The company does not need to train its employees since the use of Ecaldima Request Management is very intuitive and with characteristics very similar to other common programs.

Ecaldima Cybersecurity Engine

Improving productivity

Ecaldima Request Management adapts easily to any requirement that may arise in the company. This greatly reduces the response time, to solve the requirement; and of the moments of lack of productivity of the employees that can arise waiting for an answer or carrying out a task that does not correspond to them. Ecaldima Request Management allows you to correctly identify those responsible in each phase of the request and the specific tasks that correspond to each one. With our platform, employees focus on the tasks for which they were actually hired and business productivity is increased along with job satisfaction.

Ecaldima Ticket Management

Total adaptation

Ecaldima Request Management can be implemented for any department or task that is needed in the company. Each request or flow can be created with the amount of fields and integrations that are necessary. This platform allows you to link 4 objects (category, service, article and field) with 4 components (validation, task, notification and external task) allowing a better flow of information to be generated between the areas or responsible persons, as well as more monitoring detailed tasks where delays or problems arise. Ecaldima Request Management can be integrated with other systems that the company has been using in a fast and friendly way. In this way you can manage tasks within other platforms and maintain a more detailed control of everything that happens in the company. Ecaldima Request management allows you to carry out processes in series as well as in parallel, that is, to handle several actions one after another or at the same time. Request management has never been so simple.

Ecaldima Cybersecurity Engine

Controlling investments

Ecaldima Request Management, being adaptable to any need and being able to be implemented without coming into conflict with the systems that are already being used by companies, eliminates the investment of technological implementation every time a new requirement arises in any of the areas.

Ecaldima Request Management Features


Ecaldima Request Management allows you to implement requests for new requirements and areas in a simple and fast way. It is easy to use for any employee and enables better communication between all those involved since it centralizes the information within the same service request, avoiding wasting time collecting it from various places.


Ecaldima Request Management integrates in a friendly way with all systems used by companies. Within the same process you can carry out executions with other platforms in parallel and generate connections with other integrated systems: – Script Execution. – PowerShell – SQL. – Calls to WebServices. Ecaldima Request Management requires few technical resources to start operating and works with next-generation Windows servers.

Ecaldima Request Management modules

Ecaldima Time Control
Ecaldima Time Control

Ecaldima Time Control

It allows companies, in an easy and reliable way, a record of the working hours of their workers, whether within their established hours or overtime. It is a tool that is perfectly adapted to the needs of any area depending on the nature of the employee’s profile or type of work performed. Ecaldima Time control is quick to install and implement for any company and generates detailed reports for better business analysis.

Ecaldima Software Portal
Ecaldima Software Portal

Ecaldima software portal

Quickly and efficiently manage software and operating system installation requests for any area or profile of your company. Through a platform connected to the IT team’s deployment system, this solution enables the optimization of installation processes, traceability of requests and improving the information flows between those involved in the request; generating an increase in productivity and reducing response times in companies.