Ecaldima Ticket Management


The solution to ensure the continuity of the strategic business of the company by managing all incidents

Ecaldima Ticket Management

Detected Problems

When there is no priority management, incidents are addressed as they arrive with the risk of putting a critical issue on hold. If the Customer Service Center’s phone is busy while incident data is being collected or a user is being attended, there is no way to inform the support team that an incident is causing a blockage in the production chain. Without a history of incidents, there is a risk of repeating a diagnostic process for an incident that has already been resolved. It takes time to inform the sender of a status issue and it is often not a priority. When the specialist team is not alerted of an incident, it can take hours and even days before they are aware. It seems to everyone that the support team takes too long. How to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Support Center without being able to measure the times ?

Ecaldima focuses on improving

  • The productivity

    Restore service as soon as possible by quickly and easily identifying the incidents with the highest priority.

  • The communication

    Have several communication channels so that you can register an incident, even if the whole team is busy. Send emails to the sender and the team in charge without fail.

  • Efficiency

    Give the possibility of consulting the history of diagnoses and resolutions to reapply proven solutions. Automate actions that were previously manual.

  • The continuous improvement process

    Know the volume and time data to analyze and communicate.

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The Ecaldima Ticket Management solution

  • A wide parameterization of priorities, allowing you to choose precisely what is most important.

  • Assigning SLA (Service Level Agreement) to each issue based on any characteristic to make the right decisions regarding prioritization and escalation.

  • A self-service portal that frees the operator from the registration task.

  • The creation and modification of incidents from multiple mailboxes.

  • A powerful and fast search engine to find similar incidents.

  • An event management system to automate actions.

  • The measurement of KPIs in each phase of the management of an incident and more than 100 reports.

Ecaldima Ticket Management

More productivity

The priority level is key to organize resources and restore service as soon as possible. With Ecaldima Ticket Management‘s optimized priority management, each operator has a Dashboard where the incidents and their respective priority level appear. The initial priority is defined manually by the operator or calculated by the system of actions based on impact and urgency. Ecaldima Ticket Management has an SLA assignment system. Each situation has an SLA with its alert and delay thresholds, the applicable schedules and the calendar of business days. The operator and manager Dashboard provide the compliance status of these in real time. The indicators allow decisions to be made regarding the level of priority to be applied to a specific incident or if a variation is detected in the rating of the incident.

Ecaldima Ticket Management

Drastic reduction in downtime

Each user accesses the Ecaldima Ticket Management self-service portal to register incidents, in real time, without having to wait for the availability of a User Service Center operator. Ecaldima Ticket Management also has the ability to create incidents from multiple mailboxes as well as external APIs, generating immediate savings of up to 50% of the time.

Ecaldima Ticket Management

Improved efficiency in incident resolution

The ease in which previous solutions can be found accelerates the resolution of the incident. Being able to reuse the solution without having to go through all the analysis and diagnostic stages again is a valuable saving. In Ecaldima Ticket Management, operators can use a quick search based on title, description and users as well as an advanced search to refine the results and search the entire history of the incidents. Event-based action automation reduces manual technical actions and ensures optimal control of incident processing.

Ecaldima Ticket Management

Continuous improvement of the service provided

The KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) available in Ecaldima Ticket Management make it possible to measure management times and the volume of incidents from various points of analysis. Reports show trends by day, week, month, or year.

Ecaldima Ticket Management Features


Ecaldima Ticket Management uses integration with Microsoft ™ Active Directory to keep the list of users, common operators and representative groups of operators from different levels of support or specialization up to date. Ecaldima Ticket Management also has the ability to manage users and groups internally for organizations that do not have Microsoft ™ Active Directory. For full integration into the business ecosystem, Ecaldima Ticket Management provides PowerShell script execution actions, Web Services call, and SQL queries.

Ready to use

Ecaldima Ticket Management comes parameterized with the most common rules and customizable email templates. Just upload the logo, create the users, and you’re ready to go.