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Ecaldima: Unir el ser humano y la tecnología

Our mission

Founded in 2012 in Spain, Ecaldima is a solutions development company dedicated to joining human beings and technology. We adapt computer programs to the needs of people for total complementarity between productivity and well-being. We are a team made up of women and men, professionals from various countries, with different backgrounds and experiences in various fields such as services, industry, finance, education and health.We believe that with our solutions we can make different people in all aspects manage to work together without barriers.

Our values

  • Humility

  • Respect

  • Commitment

  • Solidarity

  • Perfection


It is our main value. At Ecaldima we first listen and learn and then adapt to the values of our clients without abandoning ours. We internally promote a horizontal treatment where every idea is valuable and should be treated equally, regardless of who is presenting it.


Individual and collective development is achieved thanks to the confrontation of ideas because the difference is wealth. At Ecaldima we promote pluralism and respect, this is manifested in the relationships we maintain with our partners and in the team spirit that animates us.


In all areas of our company, everyone is committed to being a strong link in the production chain. At Ecaldima, the commitment of every woman and man is an unbreakable commitment.


We are Ecaldima. Solidarity is a value that keeps us all together and helps us all go in the same direction. Mutual help, generosity and complementarity are the cements of our company and it is with this same solidarity that we interact with our clients and partners.


We do not claim to do everything perfectly, but we always promise to maintain ourselves within the highest quality standards. For this we look for the right talents both internally and externally.

Our vision

We want to improve work quality and satisfaction levels in all areas of the company, that is why we seek to become the leader in solutions intelligently developed by human beings for human beings.

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