Peaceful workflow.

Joyful teams

Ecaldima is a Workflow key tool that will help you digitize your business processes

«Efficient process management is vital for any company. Addressing incidents is even more so».

We develop technological solutions for the management of requests and services.

We strengthen the growth of companies and support the sustainability of organizations

How does Workflow management contribute to the company?

At Ecaldima we know the importance of having a request management that adapts in an agile and efficient way to the needs of each company.

Managing a request is more than a process, it is a continuous improvement



Through a portal, employees access the catalog of Workflow that each department provides, available 24 hours a day.



Ecaldima is in charge of implementing and managing all the steps of the process and facilitates the interaction of all those responsible and the systems involved until the final resolution.


Conflict reduction

Reducing conflicts between departments is avoiding productivity losses.



Ecaldima provides rigorous traceability by recording the person, dates and times of the event. Auditing a business process is facilitated by simply reading the request history.



When a process is automated, time is saved and profits are improved. Ecaldima automates procedures that were previously manual, and provides the employee with tools to manage the process.







solutions offered by ecaldima

At Ecaldima we know the processes to improve in companies, that is why we have designed several solutions focused on covering all these needs. A powerful platform for task automation and service management, with 100% availability.

Digitize and effectively manage all your company’s processes and requests quickly and accurately. Improve productivity in all areas.

An incident manager that categorizes, analyzes and improves business processes and allows you to make decisions quickly and efficiently.

The solution focused on the effective management of IT assets and configuration items that improves the proper functioning and productivity of the company

Companies that trust Ecaldima

We have been helping several companies from different sectors to grow for many years; automotive, pharmaceutical, public bodies, health, cybersecurity, aeronautical equipment and security, robotics, shipbuilding…

More than 200 thousand users around the world.

“…Ecaldima represents a gain in productivity and a guarantee of reliability of the data hosted in the directories, while allowing a much faster service delivery. (A user account and all of its context are available in less than 30 minutes.) With the latest platform update, greater autonomy has been gained for the creation of new services and the interaction with third-party systems.“

“…The automation of actions in the Active Directory with ECALDIMA has allowed us to significantly reduce the workload dedicated to this activity, in addition to guaranteeing the integrity of the data in our reference system. Thanks to ECALDIMA, the process of creating access to the IT system is tracked, automated and ordered.“

“…We chose it for its ergonomics and ease of use. Workflow systems and email notifications are very comprehensive. Ecaldima is today essential for the proper functioning of our information system and is the privileged management tool of the IT department.“

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Ecaldima - Peaceful workflows. Joyful teams

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