Being more competitive is a challenge for companies. Less reprocessing is more productivity. Ecaldima is an innovative solution supporting the optimization of processes.

It is the ability to handle all types of requests easily and quickly. The validation of contracts, the approval of permits, a request for material, the registration of incidents, the consultation of assets and stock are part of the large number of services that ECALDIMA can provide.

What is Ecaldima? It is the solution that combines the management of standard requests, incidents, control of assets, contracts and stock. Ecaldima guarantees a complete process management for all users. Who is Ecaldima for? Ecaldima adapts to any type of company regardless of sector and size. Companies of 50 or 5000 employees are using Ecaldima in the sectors of public transport, pharmaceutical, industry and services. It is flexible to create processes for any department of the company. Departments of human resources, commercial management, maintenance and IT, are optimizing their processes with Ecaldima.
Why Ecaldima?
  • For the integration of all its processes: A single platform, a single access. Each department and employee of the company has access to a world of productivity and organization.
  • Due to very low training requirement: The collaborators do not need training, the solution is very intuitive and the administrators will have all the knowledge in a few hours to exploit the potential of Ecaldima.
  • Due to its immediate availability: Ecaldima is functional in a few hours. The installation is simple and the company should not adapt to the tool since Ecaldima adapts to the company.
  • For its low cost innovation: It has the best price-value ratio in the market. Invest little - save a lot and the ROI is almost immediate.
  • For your guarantee: Specialized technical support, available 24 hours a day; Commitment of the technical team so that your platform is always functional.



Benefits for the manager


Benefits for the collaborator
  • You know who has done what and at what time.
  • Invest little to save a lot.
  • ROI Almost immediate.
  • Fewer interruptions in your daily work.
  • Ecaldima adapts to your company.
  • You save time.
  • You have fewer worries.
  • Finally! Do not lose sight of your requests.
  • You know who is doing what and at what time.
  • Do not forget the tasks assigned to you.
  • You have greater autonomy in your daily tasks.
  • You save time.
  • You have fewer worries.
These benefits are immediate, without investing time in training, or adaptations to the platform.


Ecaldima is composed of 3 essential verticals: SCOOP, TIMA & ACS


Capable of satisfying employees requests, changes in commercial contracts and requests for equipment, among other functions; offers all the services that the different departments of the company need.


TIMA manages to process unforeseen requests, such as incidents or exceptional requests, helps you quickly and easily handle a request, follow up, scale up and request one or more validations.
  • Dashboards
  • KPI
  • SLA
  • More than 100 reports


ACS is responsible for maintaining and managing assets, contracts and stocks, including equipment, supplies and even loans, thus ensuring an updated repository.
  • Low stock alerts
  • Expiration of contracts
  • Unreturned loans