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Ecaldima Request Management


At Ecaldima we believe in simplifying processes. We propose 3 steps for an exponential growth of your business.



Bad adaptation to changes

Loss of important information

No clear responsibility

No knowledge base

Poor optimization of resources

Loss of profitability



Improve internal management and increase customer and/or employee satisfaction.

Easy implementation

Global requests

Customizable data

Fast search engine

Automation of actions




Ecaldima Request Management

It is the tool with which you will achieve

Increased productivity

Real-time operations registration

Control investments

Task notifications

Adaptation in each area

User-friendly platform

If processes are not managed effectively in your company, some of these problems are bound to occur:


When changes in business processes arise, a lot of time is wasted trying to adapt these changes to the systems used by the company, generating problems, such as the disbursement of large investments.

lack of clarity in tasks

Without a correct chain of communication and distribution of tasks in each process, many times employees end up receiving work that does not correspond to them, causing them to perform them in a deficient manner or simply ignoring them.

lost profitability

Loss of profitability and a decrease in job satisfaction are generated when employees are forced to redo work that they have already finished due to lack of proper management of requests.

with no clear responsible parties

The lack of a control and follow-up system for each request makes it difficult to identify who is responsible for each action in the process and to improve them by not identifying the exact place where delays or problems are occurring.

Some of the improvements you will find after deciding to manage the processes of your company are:


This results in faster implementations and optimal monitoring of employees as they go about their work without any problems.


Constant identification and follow-up at each stage of the application and easy identification of the responsible parties.


By not having to make investments every time changes or new processes arise, and by allowing employees to perform the specific tasks of their position without incurring overtime payments...


It is user-friendly integration with the other systems of the company and easy to use for any employee.

We know how important it is to focus on what really matters. Managing the processes that can be generated in your business in a fast and efficient way to find solutions to the most complicated problems in a short time should be the priority.

With Ecaldima Request Management we provide a solution to an infinite number of situations.


Ecaldima Request Management is very easy to use for any employee in any area of the company. You don’t need to have any computer knowledge to be able to use it in daily tasks and optimize these tasks.

The company does not need to train its employees since the use of Ecaldima Request Management is very intuitive and with features very similar to other commonly used programs.


Ecaldima Request Management easily adapts to any requirement that may arise in the company. This greatly reduces the response time, the time it takes to solve the request, and the moments of lack of productivity of employees that may arise waiting for a response or performing a task that does not correspond to them.

Ecaldima Request Management allows you to correctly identify those responsible for each phase of the request and the specific tasks that correspond to each one. With our platform, employees focus on the tasks for which they were actually hired and business productivity increases along with job satisfaction.


Ecaldima Request Management can be implemented for any area or task needed in the company. Each request or flow can be created with as many fields and integrations as needed. This platform allows you to link 4 objects (category, service, item and field) with 4 components (validation, task, notification and external task) allowing a better flow of information between the responsible areas or persons, as well as a more detailed follow-up of the tasks where delays or problems arise.

Ecaldima Request Management can be integrated with other systems that the company is using in a fast and friendly way. This way you can manage tasks within other platforms and keep a more detailed control of everything that happens in the company. Ecaldima Request Management allows you to perform online and parallel processes, that is to say, to manage several actions in series or at the same time. Request management has never been so simple.


Ecaldima Request Management, being adaptable to any need and being able to be implemented without conflicting with the systems already in use by the companies, eliminates the investment of technological implementation every time a new requirement arises in any of the areas.

Specialized module: Ecaldima Software Portal

Within this Ecaldima Request Management solution we have implemented a part for software management.

If an execution failure is detected, Ecaldima Software Portal creates an issue in the ticketing tool.

If an execution failure is detected, Ecaldima Software Portal creates an issue in the ticketing tool.

Each request made on the portal allows the selection of the date and time to execute the installation.

When the task is completed, the platform notifies the sender by e-mail.

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