Ecaldima CMDB Management

Total control of assets, contracts and stock.

Ecaldima CMDB Management

Detected Problems

Long waiting periods for the replacement or acquisition of an asset necessary for the company. The times with which the order must be generated added to the delay until the delivery of the asset considerably reduce the productivity of the department doing the request. Repeated purchases of the same asset due to lack of efficient stock control system. As there is no information regarding available items, unnecessary items are still available, producing storage costs that the company could avoid. Payment of fines that companies must assume for lack of timely alerts that allow them to meet their commitments with suppliers, customers and institutions on time. The last day arrives and the company just gives due importance to this situation. Renewals of contracts for products and services that no longer generate significant value to the company. Due to the day-to-day hustle and bustle and the lack of notices that allow the assumed contracts to be evaluated in time, unnecessary renewals are generated that the company must assume despite no longer being benefited by them.

Ecaldima focuses on improving

  • Productivity

    It reduces the waiting times of the requesting department for the renewal or acquisition of the asset so that its work is not interrupted.

  • Communication

    It creates an efficient flow of communication between the areas involved in the request and the information is accessible to all.

  • Planning

    It generates timely alerts that allow the different departments to plan, evaluate and efficiently negotiate the assets and contracts of the company.

  • Cost effectiveness

    Eliminate unnecessary purchases and contracts, in addition to fines for non-compliance with payments and procedures.

  • Traceability

    At all times, interested persons can review the status of the request and those responsible for each stage.

Ecaldima CMDB Management

The Ecaldima CMDB Management Solution

  • Easy implementation and use.

  • Adaptable to the needs of each department of the company.

  • It is updated in real time and the information is immediately shared by all departments.

  • It has easy integration with other platforms of the company.

  • Create periodic alerts for better planning.

  • Generate detailed reports and KPIS that help increase productivity.

Ecaldima CMDB Management

Improve profitability

Ecaldima CMDB Management considerably improves the return of companies by generating savings of more than 10% in the acquisition of services and assets; increases in cash flow of up to 15% due to its timely alerts and, finally, the elimination of payment of fines for omissions of responsibilities of the company with its suppliers and customers. Ecaldima CMDB Management is very simple to enable and adapts to the needs of each company in such a way that the investment for its acquisition is only made once and the company only pays for what it needs to cover its operations.

Ecaldima CMDB Management

Detailed control of assets and contracts

Ecaldima CMDB Management generates immediate and detailed information flows that allows a better control of the resources that the company owns and the scheduling of activities that it must undertake to eliminate any impasse or event that reduces its profits. The information generated by Ecaldima CMDB Management can be shared very easily by different areas for better monitoring and creation of different analyzes that help companies improve their operations.

Ecaldima CMDB Management

Timely planning

With Ecaldima CMDB Management, companies can schedule periodic alerts and reminders that allow timely evaluations of assumed product and service contracts and make better decisions to continue with them or seek new solutions. Ecaldima CMDB Management automates the contract control process before its deadline, being able to reduce the renewal rate of non-required contracts to 0%. This is achieved thanks to the fact that the platform allows detailed planning of each process and the use of scheduled reminders to alert all those responsible for the areas involved.

Ecaldima CMDB Management

Easy to implement

Ecaldima CMDB Management is very easy to install and does not require major technical requirements. It is extremely friendly with other platforms in such a way that its use does not restrict the use of other software in parallel. It can be enabled to be able to perform tasks from the platform that were previously performed with alternative technologies. The company does not need to train its employees since the use of Ecaldima CMDB Management is very intuitive and with characteristics very similar to other common programs.

Ecaldima CMDB Management Features

Detailed control

Ecaldima CMDB Management has multiple simple and effective tools to carry out a detailed control of the assets and obligations of the company, being able to achieve optimizations in the workflows between the areas as well as improvements in the products and services to be contracted.


The generation of clear and timely information, added to the improvements in the communication processes that it manages to achieve, make Ecaldima CMDB Management the perfect platform for managing assets and contracts; affirmation that is amply confirmed with the results of our clients.


With Ecaldima CMDB Management, companies achieve significant savings thanks to the elimination of unnecessary purchases and the absence of fines for non-compliance with suppliers, clients and institutions. Ecaldima CMDB Management adapts to the requirements of companies, allowing them to pay only for what they need.