Ecaldima – The other dimension of request management

ECALDIMA is the solution that combines the features of SCOOP, TIMA and ACS in a homogeneous set, easy to implement and easy to use.

The management of the standard requests proposed in its catalog, supplemented by the management of unforeseen and exceptional requests makes it possible to ensure a complete service offer for all users of the company.

Its service catalog, SCOOP, available 24 hours a day, is essential for managing all types of requests.
Presented as a commercial site portal, SCOOP offers all the services that the various departments of the company or organization make available.

SCOOP is already used by our customers to satisfy recruitment requests, requests for changes in commercial contracts and requests for IT equipment, for example, for its ease of use and immediate adoption by users.

Simple implementation of processes « Only 7 days of consulting were enough to create a catalog of 15 articles and implement the management of the incidents » says Chafik Berinsi – IT deparment at Niedax
  Interactions with the business environment SCOOP Add-in allows SCOOP to distribute software, create active directory accounts, run PowerShell scripts, create mailboxes. Based on a collaborative model, the library of SCOOP Add-in is improved with the projects.

Application Self-Service

The user can install himself the software he needs. Conditioned by one or more validations, or installed without approval, the application is available quickly on the computer and the requester is notified by email.

 Interface with
  • Symantec™ ITMS
  • Microsoft® SCCM
  • Symantec™ GSS

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Quick and intuitive actions

TIMA naturally complements SCOOP for the processing of unforeseen requests, such as incidents and exceptional service supplies. TIMA helps handle quickly and easily a request, follow it, escalate it, request one or several validations.

More than 100 reports

  • Dashboards
  • KPI
  • SLA

ACS is responsible to maintain and manage assets, contracts and stocks. Thus, the provision of service in SCOOP and TIMA is consolidated, including equipment, supplies and even loans, guaranteeing an updated repository.

  • Assets
  • Contracts
  • Stock

In relation to requests

Stock updates and asset assignments can be processed as part of requests. All tracking tools are available:

  • Alerts on stock levels
  • Contracts expiring
  • Loan not returned